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Ono is

A chef, a geneticist, and a
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Trust Your Gut

Food is a cheaper, faster, better, more delicious way to positively affect your health. Our meals are personalized for you using your DNA, gut biome, and lifestyle data. We want to help you achieve a higher level of health than you ever thought possible.

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Knock, knock.

Who's there?

A delicious, convenient, healthy, socially responsible meal, silly.

Invite Ono Inside

Ono delivers to your door in 100% re-usable packaging. If you want, we’ll even include compostable silverware. When you’re done with your meals simply put the containers (food scraps and all) in your crate and we’ll pick it up. We compost the leftovers, sanitize the containers, and fill them up with more delicious food.

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Zero Waste,
Zero Bullsh*t

When we say zero waste, we mean it. From seed to compost and every step in between, we are obsessed with making sure everything we use is renewable and works in harmony with nature. And what doesn’t get used gets turned back into rich, black soil.

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Eat on your terms.

Ono allows you to configure your own custom meal plan.

À la carte – try as few or as many as you like. We’re flexible like that.

Be a meal planning champ. Save with a weekly bundle.

Dine alone or feed the whole fam with group portions.

Pro food procrastinator? Get same day delivery with our Chef’s Select menu.

No judgments, just deliciousness. Whatever your dietary needs or preferences, we’ve got you.

Today’s Menu

Cumin and coriander roasted vegetables Quick Look

Cumin and coriander roasted vegetables and sprouted quinoa, with chickpeas and cilantro

Cumin and coriander roasted vegetables Quick Look

Icelandic skyr with savory dried jackfruit and millet granola, sunflower seeds, walnuts, turmeric and arugula microgreens

Cumin and coriander roasted vegetables Quick Look

Cricket-flour waffle with kombucha strawberry compote and moringa powder

Cumin and coriander roasted vegetables Quick Look

Spirulina green falafel in cricket-flour pita, with broccoli, parsley, and pomegranate tabbouleh

Cumin and coriander roasted vegetables Quick Look

Lab-grown lamb and watermelon radish radicchio wraps with garlic yogurt sauce and fresh herbs, served with toasted almond farro

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